What is E-Fund?

E-Fund is a way that E-School Virtual Academy ensures that our students are set up for success. Once students have enrolled, $1,000 is set aside to make sure each student has everything they need to succeed as an E-School Virtual Charter Academy Student.  Base Curriculum, Supplemental Curriculum, Computers, Connectivity Needs, Printers & Supplies, Course Materials, Study Materials & Tutoring are just some of the ways the E-Fund benefits our students.

Student learning

With E-Fund students can gain access to learning tools such as:

  • Books
  • Lab Supplies
  • Flash Cards
  • Art Supplies
  • Printers & Supplies
  • Computers
  • Portable Wi-Fi
  • Learning Software
  • Calculators
  • And More!


Goods purchased with E-Fund are property of E-School Virtual Charter Academy and are checked out to students for their use. These items must be returned to the school upon graduation, withdrawal or any other reason the student would no longer be classified as enrolled. Availability of E-Fund begins on the first day of instruction and ends on the last day of March in the following calendar year if the student:

  • Is enrolled in the following school year
  • Is in good academic standing
  • Is in good attendance standing
  • Has available funds remaining

E-Fund Rules

  • Parents & teachers cannot be reimbursed after-the-fact for goods or services, nor can they be given money to make purchases. E-School Virtual Academy must purchase goods and services.
  • Multiple student households cannot share E-Fund among each other.
  • E-Fund cannot be used for the purchase of faith-based goods or services.
  • E-School cannot purchase musical instruments, work out or sports equipment, furniture or fixtures, etc.
  • Gym/Club memberships are not eligible to be paid via E-Fund.
  • To qualify for an E-Fund, the student must be enrolled prior to October 1st. If a student enrolls on or after October 1st, they will be provided base course curriculum only.
  • Each student's E-Fund will be reduced by the cost of their specific base & supplemental curriculum and whatever technology (laptop, WiFi, etc.) needs exist that would be necessary to meet in order to successfully attend E-School Virtual Academy.
  • Technology items will be leased from E-School Virtual Academy to the student and those lease payments will be subtracted from the E-Fund in the current year and subsequent years if necessary.
  • E-Fund monies will not roll-over from one school year to the next.

How Do I Make An E-Fund Request?

  • Requests For E-Fund Eligible Items Can Be Made By E-Mailing [email protected]
  • Computers, Portable Wi-Fi Devices, Printers, & Other Hardware Items Will Be Subject To The Current Inventory Available
  • For Educational Items Be Sure To Include Shopping Links (Amazon, eBay, etc) To Specific Items Requested
  • Eligibility & Appropriateness Will Be Determined By E-School Virtual Charter Academy Administration